Get an Elf they said. It’ll be fun they said! Now you’re 4 panic attacks into this trap and out of ideas. I’m here to help. Scroll my gallery of Elf ideas and read about how I retired our Elf for good!Continue Reading

Three years ago I became a single mom. I have three boys. Two of them are still homeschooling and one that graduated this year. Like all mothers, I want to give my boys the world, but there is one thing I cannot give them…the keys to becoming a man. RaisingContinue Reading

The top three most stressful life events are divorce, death, and moving. Handling them all at the same time, well now that should be considered superhero training. The divorce was already in motion, but I didn’t see the death of my brother coming and I certainly didn’t expect to beContinue Reading

I have almost forgotten why I am here. I have been derailed and distracted. As justified as that may be in 2020, feasting on the things of this world have zero nutritional value. I am not making a wise choice of what I am feeding my soul and these choices will not serve me in the long run. I have forgotten what I love. I have forgotten who I am. Continue Reading

Mount Rushmore

Our view of America is a direct result of what we are telling ourselves about the circumstances surrounding us. How we view anything is the beginning of the challenge. Wait. What’s the challenge? Glad you asked! The challenge is to consider how you view something, decide your role in thatContinue Reading