I am a proud Boy Mom of 3 and, at the time of the story I’m going to share with you, my little guys were 16, 14 and 10. I pride myself on being very intentional with my kiddos, but I’ve learned a thing or two about intentions. From myContinue Reading

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Before you spend one dime, consider this… Define success – whatever your end goal is. Maybe it is a temporary situation because your family is in transition. Maybe your end goal is to homeschool until highschool. Or maybe your goal is to go for the long haul and graduate yourContinue Reading

What is a Mission Statement? A Mission Statement is a formal set of values of a company, organization or individual. It acts as a guide for conduct and interaction with others. It sets boundaries to live by and within. It defines purpose and meaning. Why do I need a MissionContinue Reading