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Are you aiming at the best possible outcome for the challenge you’re facing? Trek with me here, because this is huge! Like HUGE! But, if you do trek with me and you do receive this message, the likely result is that you will get so fired up that you’ll intentionally set your mind toward something that is beyond audacious. Beyond what you can imagine. Better than the best possible outcome. And you just might get it.


Most of us will get tripped up by the word “possible.” Let that sink in for a minute.

What we believe to be possible is firmly rooted in our prior experiences and how we think about those experiences. I’m not trying to get all psychological, but trust me on this…and stick with me.

Your previous outcomes that ended in hurt, failure, regret, disappointment have taught you to expect more of the same. You may even believe these outcomes were a punishment for something. So they create a blockage in your mind when you’re asked to imagine your best possible outcome.

Or, maybe you’re stuck thinking within the realm of what’s in your control. In other words, the only possibilities you can imagine are those that you can fully control. The number of possibilities are greatly reduced if the only possibilities we consider are those within our control!


Here’s a thought experiement:

  1. What’s the top thing you’re dealing with right now that takes up most of your headspace?
  2. What’s your current expectation of that situation?
  3. What do you hope will be the outcome?
  4. Are your expectations and hopes aligned?

The word we really get tripped up on is this one! The verb – Expect. The word Expect is literally synonymous with the word Hope.

Pessimism means “the tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen; a lack of hope or confidence in the future.”

I’ve claimed many times to be a self-confessed pessimist. But when I read this definition, it made me realize that I don’t want to be a person that starts every experience in this mindset. Talk about a killjoy! Believing the worst will happen before I even begin, is like trying to set sail on a ship that’s already sunk.

What we expect directly impacts and influences the outcome.


My friend showed me the location of a new project she is planning. She’s converting a large area of grassy land into a field of wild flowers. The endeavor is magical and the best possible outcome would be breathtaking. To prepare for the possibility of experiencing the feeling of disappointment, my friend expressed that “it probably wouldn’t work.”

This doesn’t change the fact that she’s going to plant those wild flowers anyway. Kudos to her!! But it hints to the way we try to avoid the feelings of failure and disappointment before we even begin to step out and do the things.

The act of hoping in something makes us vulnerable to disappointment – just as the act of loving makes us vulnerable to hurt. If what we are hoping for fails or is never realized, we will have to process the disappointment. If we don’t hope, we don’t feel the disappointment. At least that’s how our brains say we can avoid disappointment.

What’s really happening when we stop hoping, is the snuffing out of one’s light. Sickness enters the heart and despair becomes the daily bread.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Expect the best possible outcome!


If you could sign up to receive better than the best possible outcome that your brain could conjure up, WOULD YOU DO IT?

No! There are no promises or sure things here. That is for the coward. It takes courage to imagine the greatest possibilities; to position your heart and mind to expect good things; to continue to hope in the face of disappointment and to risk it all on the chance that you just might get it…this time.

I challenge you!
For the next 21 days, set a timer for 5 minutes every morning and think upon these things:
-what is your greatest possible outcome;
-set your intentions to expect them;
-align your expectations with your hopes; and
-risk the possibility of failure for the possibility of victory.

Now that I’ve experienced what it feels like to receive better than the best possible outcome that I could imagine, I need you to know this: all that was needed was a mustard seed of faith. Nothing more. I just had to risk failure and hurt by believing something good might happen.

Our best possible outcome is that in all things we turn to The One that is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond anything that we can ask, dream or dare to imagine. Because in Him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. He’s in the business of better than the best possible outcome you can ever imagine.

Do you have the courage to Expect Better Than The Best Possible Outcome?


If you’re unable to get there, to imagine just a little good coming your way, I’d like to partner with you and pray for you. Because the world needs more light and I believe everyone has an ember left inside them that can be fanned into a blaze that will light up the darkness. You can email me at debbie@justflipthescript.com, DM me on IG, PM me on FB or drop a comment below.

You’re never alone and there’s always enough hope to go around even if you have to borrow it from a friend.


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  1. Wow! This topic has been on my mind all day! I can’t believe you just did a blog post about it. I need to get my mind focused on the good things that can happen, and not be fearful of what might not work. Beautifully written, friend.

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