You’re half way there, if you’re like most ambitious parents and started your Elf-capades the day after Thanksgiving. So that means, you’re probably experiencing what I affectionately refer to as “Elf Fatigue” right about now. I’m also willing to bet that instead of thinking of creative Elf shenanigans, you’re thinking of ways out of this nightmare, like a good ol’ fashion eviction.

As a survivor of the Elf trap and after having successfully “retired” our Elf, I’m here to help you! For the long haulers, I have a gallery of most of the shenanigans our Elf, Sammy got into during my 5 year stint in Elf Hell. For those looking for a way out, I’ve got you covered as well.

Stop the Panic Attacks!

To avoid those 3 a.m. wake up calls from your conscience telling you that you’re about to scar your kiddos for life because you failed, yet again to move that dang Elf, take 10 minutes to commit to the next 11 days worth of activity for your elf.

Seriously, just gift yourself some decent sleep by getting your act together today. You’re almost there for crying out loud!

There are plenty of Elf ideas that won’t require you to hit 3 stores to complete the task. Save those easy suckers for those last minute moments when you just can’t pull off the epic ones.

How I Retired our Elf for good!

It just so happens that my youngest son is infatuated with Norway. He talks about moving there when he grows up. He gets books about Norway from the library. He has a Pinterest Board of Norway photos. He really digs Norway.

So, around December 15th last year, after losing sleep and racking my brain for new ideas, that when this eternal season of Elf Shenanigans is over, I had the idea to send Sammy packing. Like on a trip around the world! You know, like the Flat Stanly travels. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? To retire and travel around the world?!?

I got on one of my Facebook Groups that has members from all over the world and asked for help. It was amazing how many people volunteered to receive our Sammy, take some key photos in their city and send him on to his next stop. He visited several states before heading over seas to…



How could my kiddos be sad when they were receiving photos all year long with Sammy in his camos traveling all over the world. I think my youngest was a little jealous! He is currently in route to Norway where he will settled down for good and wait on my youngest to “grow up and move there.”

So when you’ve had enough, send that Elf packing! It’s been such a quiet Christmas season this year. I haven’t had one 3 a.m. wake up call or panic attack. Life is good.

And for crying out loud, please take pictures of all your creative ideas and pass them on to these poor parents that are jumping in without knowing the suffering they are signing up for. Have mercy!!

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