About Me

Who I am

Hi. My name’s Debbie. I’m a boy mom of 3 teenagers. We’re a homeschooling family enjoying suburbia life in the Classic City of Athens, Georgia.

I love writing, gardening, reading, eating clean (although my kiddos are not in agreement with this), learning along side my boys and thinking about the deeper things of Jesus.

I’m an avid dog lover and currently have 3 fur babies in my home and 5 that I claim and help fund that my brother has graciously agreed to care for.

What I do

I have tried to answer the question, “why am I here” my whole life. I’ve experimented with so many ideas and tried so many things. When I thought back on what I enjoyed most in all of the things I’ve experienced, it’s those conversations with others where I was challenged by another person’s point of view and vice versa. It’s those moments where beliefs are tested and my mind has been changed. The micro moments when truth sets in and freedom is the result.

The journey to get here today, all of the experiences (pleasant and not so pleasant), were all required. Every single one of them. I wouldn’t volunteer to walk through those storms if I were asked prior to experiencing them, but they all taught me something.

I can’t very well guide someone else through a storm I haven’t made my way through. If that’s the sole purpose of the storms, then they were all worth it. Because I get no greater pleasure than to see someone shift their mindset about their experiences and go from victim to victor. I believe every Woman has a Warrior inside them!

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