Who I am

Hi. My name’s Debbie. I’m a boy mom of 3 teenagers. We’re a homeschooling family enjoying suburbia life in the Classic City of Athens, Georgia.

I love writing, gardening, reading, eating clean (although my kiddos are not in agreement with this), learning along side my boys and thinking about the deeper things of Jesus.

I’m a Certified NLP Life Coach with a strong focus on women and the identity we create for ourselves.

What I do

I have tried to answer the question, “why am I here” my whole life. I’ve experimented with so many ideas and tried so many things. When I thought back on what I enjoyed most in all of the things I’ve experienced, it’s those conversations with others where I was challenged by another person’s point of view and vice versa. It’s those moments where beliefs are tested and my mind has been changed. The micro moments when truth sets in and freedom is the result.

The journey to get here today, all of the experiences (pleasant and not so pleasant), were all required. Every single one of them. I wouldn’t volunteer to walk through those storms if I were asked prior to experiencing them, but they all taught me something.

I can’t very well guide someone else through a storm I haven’t made my way through. If that’s the sole purpose of the storms, then they were all worth it. Because I get no greater pleasure than to see someone shift their mindset about their experiences and go from victim to victor. I believe every Woman has a Warrior inside them!

Getting Lost

Just 3 months before I gave birth to my first child a dear friend of mine lost his wife and 6 month old baby daughter in a car accident. I didn’t realize the depth of the impact of this event until we loaded up my son from the hospital to bring him home. The fear of the car ride home was debilitating!

Although we made it home without incident, the nightmares began that night. Vivid dreams of harm coming to my son plagued me in my sleep. Fear had a grip on me!

I was scared to leave him with a babysitter or to take a shower when he slept. I was even scared to sleep. It never occurred to me to seek help. I thought it was hormones and the phase would end when my body healed! Not so much.

By the time I had my second and third children I had a pattern of parenting that I wasn’t even aware of. I had created my own prison because I was so fearful of leaving them. In fact, I thought everything was fine, because my kiddos were thriving.

Lost but Who Knew

I had placed my needs, my mental health, myself on the unimportant list. Honestly, I didn’t know any better.

They say a woman’s beauty is found in her soul, but what if your soul is starving and running out of air?

I've lost myself. Life coaching for women.
“I’ve lost myself.”

My friend took this picture of me shortly after I had my third son. I was severely sleep deprived (as most of us are at this point). I probably hadn’t showered, no make-up, doesn’t look like I ran a brush through my hair, frumpy clothes and riding dangerously low on what makes me, me. That sign should really say, “WARNING: No One is Coming to Save You from You!” Thank you Mel Robinson. Where were you back then???

In defense of everyone around me, no one knew the damage I was causing myself. Distracted by the worries of the day, I had entered a cycle of thinking, decision making and homemaking that became normal. Basically, I had become a robot. A shell of a person just doing all the things.

Getting Found

My kiddos turned 18, 16 and 12, and I was a month post-divorce and had to figure out what to do with my life. I was lost. I reached out to a Life Coach…a Life Line. And she helped walk me back to that place where I had an identity, a dream, a desire to be a mover & a shaker.

My transformation was so profound and life giving, I knew that I wanted to be able to offer others the same road back to life. I immediately began training and now I’m a Certified NLP Life Coach.

To find out more about working with me, click the button below and let’s see if we are a good fit. During your Free Consultation, we’ll identity where you are and where you want to be. We’ll discuss an action plan and if working together would help you achieve your goal.

There’s no commitment and no strings attached. However, you will gain clarity on what your top struggles are and what life could be like if you choose to take action.

Knowledge is powerful, but only if it drives action.

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