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Our view of America is a direct result of what we are telling ourselves about the circumstances surrounding us. How we view anything is the beginning of the challenge.
What’s the challenge?
Glad you asked!
The challenge is to consider how you view something, decide your role in that circumstance and how you want to influence it.

“View From My Window” is a Facebook group that began as a source of encouragement during the quarantine of Covid19. People post pictures and videos of what they see from their little spot on earth. It helped ease the sense of isolation, if even for just a brief moment, to see through the eyes of someone else with a completely different view. Today there are 2.3 million people in this group.

View from my Window
View from my Window Facebook Group

I have a mere 500 friends on Facebook (95% of them live in America). On a recent post I requested, “Give me one word to describe the state of America today.”

Describer America today

The following is an essay I wrote with the 60+ words offered up in response to my post (kind of a backward Madlib project). I honored every response (in bold), even the duplicates which is why you will see multiple uses of the same term.

View from America’s Window:

America is experiencing troubled times. We just thought the rejection of tradition and morals in the Roaring 20’s was bad. What we are witnessing today is truly scary. The masses seem to be searching for a place to belong, a cause to join, an awakening to experience. 

The people are divided on almost all accounts and this great divide has caused a quaking in our foundation. But everyone agrees that this is a sh*t show. Our communities are cracking under the toxic strain. All that offends is being cancelled. Behavior that can be described as none other than unpatriotic and ungrateful is celebrated and encouraged. Democrats calling for defunding as the crux of our issues. The 51st state is quite the queer deal, but their efforts will be spoiled. 

 Our nation’s soul has been exposed and what we have seen is chaotic and frightening. Truth is lost and the lost are dying while we sit in denial confused about the issues and the solutions. Love is becoming endangered while the corrupt herd the sheeple to the Crossroad between right and wrong. Our society has been brainwashed into a godless and agnostic populous. We are no longer in the shallow of our disbelief, but in the deep end of our sinful nature. 

Our landscape is certainly changing, and our history shattered. 

But all is not lost! Oh no, not at all. Although what you see with your eyes may be scary and chaotic, here is some hope for your soul. Jesus came to earth to bind up the brokenhearted and He invites all that are weak and weary to take His yoke, for it is easy and his burdens are light. For it is the poor in spirit (those at the end of their ropes) that will be BLESSED and inherit the kingdom! Rise up Saints and boldly share where you find your hope. This world is in great need and the Spirit Filled have the solution!!

Now read JUST the BOLD words in the essay again.

May we have faith like Abraham to press in beyond all the reasons to give up, to call into being things that are not as though they are, to reach for a better tomorrow. Let’s Flip the Script on our view, accept what is and influence what we want it to be. If Jesus is the solution, and every Spirit-Filled Christ follower should agree that He is, then we are commissioned to tell the whole world where we find our hope.

Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold.

2 Corinthians 3:12

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