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What Do You Want and How Do You Ask For It? Women of Wild Podcast

Have you fallen out of practice of ‘wanting’ for yourself? Maybe you've been tending to others for so long you've forgotten about the things you want. In today's episode we dive into the power of wanting and why it's so important. We have a hefty assignment for you to figure out exactly what you want and discuss the S.M.A.R.T. plan to get you there.   WOW COMMUNITY WAITING LIST WOMEN OF WILD PODCAST FACEBOOK GROUP WOMEN OF WILD PODCAST INSTAGRAM Sally & Debbie’s Individual Coaching Programs: Sally: https://peacefullifecoaching.my.canva.site/ Debbie: https://justflipthescript.com
  1. What Do You Want and How Do You Ask For It?
  2. Getting to the Heart of Women’s Health
  3. Your Brian on Gratitude
  4. 10 Things to Level Up Your Health Journey
  5. When you’re grieving through the holidays